Took a while to get itself ready to go out this one, but it finally made it out the door just in time for the last of the summer sun. Thanks to Kenny Wisdom at Pleasure Unit/KM Editions and everyone supporting!

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My Edits EP for Razor n Tape is out now in record shops.  Thanks to everyone who’s playing it, supporting and dancing! You can grab the wax here >>

Juno Records

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Phonica Records

OYE Record Store

Looking forward to the Cut the Rug 6th birthday party and DJing alongside a fine rabble of gentlemen-and-women selectors – the Gop Tun party crew from Sao Paulo, Ray Mang, and Ola.  We also have a new venue – the new Lift which is a the latest incarnation of our favourite east end party den.  As usual it’s limited numbers and adv ticket only! Grab yours here

Cut the Rug 6th Birthday Saturday 23rd July @ The New Lift




Dub of Wide Boy Awake’s Slang Teacher which strips it back to the instrumental sections, a snippet of the vocal and some squelch from the beast.

This one coming soon on vinyl on Pleasure Unit, alongside Do What You Need.

Me and Ola are playing at Farr’s School of Dancing on Saturday 30th of April, bringing a little Cut the Rug vibes to the Dalston dancefloor.


Just finished this dub of Do What You Need which will feature on a forthcoming EP for Pleasure Unit alongside the original and another track called Love Talk.




Vinyl chart for March ’16.

Having some fun with Real Thing’s 1980 track and The Beast. Thanks to JBY for the inspiration 😉