Just done an hour long DJ mix for the Razor n Tape podcast. As it was for the Brooklyn outfit I kept a fantasy NYC dancefloor in the back of my mind whilst creating it, and as it’s been a while since I did a mix I got a bit carried away on this one… prizes for anyone who can name all the voiceovers and movie clips!

TRACKLIST: Disco-very – get it on (JV edit) / Zig Zag – A1 – Disco Danser / Dr DooooDah MM Edit / Tuffy – Move Me / Ray Mang – CC Amor – VINYL Master 16Bit / Space – Carry On, Turn Me On (An2 Remix) / D-Train – Music (Son Of Dyke edit) / Prince – Head (MM & JBY Headit) / Wide Boy Awake – Slang Teacher (M!siu Creatures Edit) / Simon_Baker_Plastik_(Todd_Terje_mix) / RNT029_Jacques_Renault_-_Get_Down_(Original_Mix) / Raw Silk – Just In Time And Space (Dub) / MM – Burnin’ / Daniel Wang – East Village Hustle / AM – God Knows / Mail Grab – Can’t (Get U Outta My Mind) / Salsoul Orchestra – 212 North 12Th (Partial) / Selection – Madly / Norma Jean Wright – Sorcerer (Eddie Tour Edit)


The digital version of last years’ EP for Razor n Tape is now available >>


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My Loose Change EP is out now on Pleasure Unit records.

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Dub of Wide Boy Awake’s Slang Teacher which strips it back to the instrumental sections, a snippet of the vocal and some squelch from the beast.

Guest DJ mix for the digital pirates and cultural hijackers at Chaotic FM.

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There is a method to the madness!

Out now, limited vinyl only!

The new Bastedos 12″ features a cosmic smoking ban disco edit by me and Andy from Not An Animal