Took a while to get itself ready to go out this one, but it finally made it out the door just in time for the last of the summer sun. Thanks to Kenny Wisdom at Pleasure Unit/KM Editions and everyone supporting!

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My Edits EP for Razor n Tape is out now in record shops.  Thanks to everyone who’s playing it, supporting and dancing! You can grab the wax here >>

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This one coming soon on vinyl on Pleasure Unit, alongside Do What You Need.

Just finished this dub of Do What You Need which will feature on a forthcoming EP for Pleasure Unit alongside the original and another track called Love Talk.




There is a method to the madness!  This one is directly influenced by one of my favourite 12″s, from one of my favourite producers, Mr. Ray Mang. I vividly remember when someone first played this to me in 1996 and it’s still in my record bag to this day.

My take uses the same out-of-this-world-elastic-funk-groove from Constellation Orchestra, adds a new bassline and drums, some cosmic fx and voices from Undisputed Truth (big nod to this 1996 Nuphonic release too), a cameo from the Beast at the peak – and a little sound effect from the ‘Reprise‘ track on Ray’s previously mentioned version.

Out now, limited vinyl only!

The new Bastedos 12″ features a cosmic smoking ban disco edit by myself and Machete Savane’s Andy Bainbridge. Apparently it’s been going down well on the floor at certain establishments but the rinse it out record surely goes to Paramida who allegedly played it 7 times in one night at Wilden Renate in Berlin! They’ll be sick of it by the time it actually comes out at that rate!

No, I don’t need it… New track/edit featuring the dulcet squeals, yelps and heavy breathing of Ms. Diana Ross. Vinyl only out now



Took a little ride last night, see what I could find… This track was inspired by a bargain bin find which sounded much heavier and sleazier at 33rpm! After some chops and a polish it’s now available on vinyl with this one of mine.

It’s a pleasure and an honour to have a remix of mine featured on the first release on the new Low Life record label. ‘The Go Go’ is a Chuck Brown inspired track by Mr. Bill Brewster and NZ production duo Chaos in the CBD. Vinyl only and out now!



Some Herb Alpert and a dose of acid.


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