The new Bastedos 12″ features a cosmic smoking ban disco edit by myself and Machete Savane’s Andy Bainbridge. Apparently it’s been going down well on the floor at certain establishments but the rinse it out record surely goes to Paramida who allegedly played it 7 times in one night at Wilden Renate in Berlin! They’ll be sick of it by the time it actually comes out at that rate!

No, I don’t need it… New track/edit featuring the dulcet squeals, yelps and heavy breathing of Ms. Diana Ross. Vinyl only out now



Took a little ride last night, see what I could find… This track was inspired by a bargain bin find which sounded much heavier and sleazier at 33rpm! After some chops and a polish it’s now available on vinyl with this one of mine.


Acid Edit/Rework of Maurice Fulton’s remix of Rhye. One for the dubby disco heads!


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Dedicated to the 80s Italo morning G-Road crew: Rich Tea & Shirley Shirls.




Some Herb Alpert and a dose of acid.


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Everybody Feeeel-in, Ohhh Everybody Feelin! As played by Idjut Boys, Harvey, Unabombers, Seth Troxler, Pete Herbert, Radioslave and more.


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