Looking forward to the Cut the Rug 6th birthday party and DJing alongside a fine rabble of gentlemen-and-women selectors – the Gop Tun party crew from Sao Paulo, Ray Mang, and Ola.  We also have a new venue – the new Lift which is a the latest incarnation of our favourite east end party den.  As usual it’s limited numbers and adv ticket only! Grab yours here

Cut the Rug 6th Birthday Saturday 23rd July @ The New Lift




Me and Ola are playing at Farr’s School of Dancing on Saturday 30th of April, bringing a little Cut the Rug vibes to the Dalston dancefloor.



Looking forward to DJing alongside Ola and Pete Herbert this Friday night for the Cut the Rug 5th Birthday party – as usual we are up in ‘The Lift’ E2 rave den. Very limited advance tickets only this one, get yours here

Great night again up the Lift in the East end party den, DJing with Marcus Marr, Otto and Ola! cut-the-rug-march-2015 photo

Looking forward to playing here in the summer!


cut-the-rug-xmas-14 Me and Ola sold our souls to Santa early this year with a Cut the Rug Christmas party on Dec 5th down at The Souls basement. Might as well have been in the depths of Hades it was that hot! Special thanks to guest DJs Frank Broughton & Mark Hume and to all revelers.

Thanks to everyone who came and brought the good vibes to the Lift party den last weekend at Cut the Rug. Shout out to Ray Mang, Paramida (playing her first ever London gig) and Ola – between us we kept the place jumping till 4am – if only we could have gone on longer… Next party is a little festive knees up on 5th Dec. CTR-27-09-12-05

Looking forward to DJing with this fine rabble of selectors on Saturday 27th September. Limited ticket only event in a loft space/hi-rise party den! Full info and tickets can be got here


wildlife Very much looking forward to DJing at the ‘Low Life in a field’ alongside a stellar line up. More info here

Thanks to everyone who came down to the always splendid Designers Block on Saturday for the Mayday Mayday party and to everyone involved – the crowd (class – full room still dancing at 4am lights up), the staff, guest DJ Ewon and of course Ola for another joyous b2b set.   olamaydaymayday_n