Mike Misiu bio. I am a UK producer and sometime DJ originally hailing from the west country who has spent many years living and working in that there London and for some short periods from more exotic locations such as Costa Rica, Sydney, Ibiza… and Margate. The ‘Misiu’ (“Me-shoe”) bit is not my real name but a daft nickname given to me by someone dear which ended up sticking.



I started making my first ‘proper’ tracks around 92/93 using an Atari ST and tracker software (including a rudimentary House tune which sampled our physics teacher saying ‘Move with the ions’ that was a school bus favourite). Nearly 30 years later I’m still producing music that is as devoted to the dancefloor as ever, but now the samples come mostly from actual musicians. My new EP on my new label ‘Heads High’ is out now >>





When not indulging in solo stuff I am also one half of Club of Jacks – a project alongside long time collaborator and brother/wife in music Max One. We put out limited edition vinyl EPs and occasional digi bits on a House & Garage tip. Check our latest album here





Some of my previous releases and happenings have included…



Doing edits >> Harvey playing my edit of ‘Nobody’s Got Time’ @ Dekmantel



Doing reworks… an EP for Razor n Tape in the summer of 2016.



An EP under the moniker Loose Change for the Pleasure Unit label.



‘No Smoking on the Moon’ edit, this time done with Andy from Bad Passion/Not an Animal for Bastedos. Cosmic smoking-ban disco cut up gracing dancefloors from Burnley to Burning Man.



Un-authorised/un-released/(some might say un-necessary) re-work of Prince’s ‘Head’ which was jammed out with JBY one lost afternoon.





I still enjoy a good mix and have one of the longest running living room residencies in London. Check out this 60 minute mix for Razor n Tape or this podcast for Soultronic for a taste.







Also check out the Cut the Rug website – a time capsule of the parties me and Ola did between 2008 and 2018, which took place in an assortment of lofts, basements and “haunted squats” around the east end of London including the legendary Lift (versions 1 & 2) and Designers Block.

As resident DJs we played alongside a gaggle of stellar guests over the years such as Paramida, Bill Brewster, Marcus Marr, Gop Tun, Ray Mang and Pete Herbert.




If you’d like to get in touch you can contact me here – I’m always up for a remix/collab/natter about obscure b-sides or synth sounds.