Mike Misiu Bio.


It was back in 1992 when I first tried wiring up my Nan’s old hifi turntable to a dusty second hand Realistic mixer to kickstart my do-it-yourself DJ apprenticeship. Making beats came soon after, much to the dismay of my neighbours.

Skip to the present day and I’m still producing music from my base in London that is as devoted to the dancefloor as ever, and no doubt still annoying my neighbours.

The Misiu bit (“Me-shoe”) was a nickname which ended up sticking but there have been a fair few late-night-conceived and short-lived production aliases over the years.

Notable past releases have included records for Razor n Tape, Bastedos, Low Life, Pleasure Unit and Secret Squirrel.

In 2020 during peak “wtf?” times I launched the label Heads High as an invocation to better days and positive vibes. Whilst nurturing that (and indulging in various solo stuff and collabs) I’m also one half of Club of Jacks — a project alongside long time brother/wife in music Max One.


When not indulging in solo stuff I’m also one half of Club of Jacks – a project alongside long time collaborator, sometime back2back DJ partner and brother/wife in music Max One.

Releasing Limited run vinyl EPs and occasional digi bits on a House & Garage tip >>

Previous happenings have included…

Doing edits >> here is the man/myth DJ Harvey playing my edit of Nobody’s Got Time @ Dekmantel



Doing reworks… an EP for Razor n Tape in the summer of 2016.



An EP under the moniker Loose Change for the Pleasure Unit label.



The No Smoking on the Moon edit, this time done with Andy from Bad Passion/Not an Animal for Bastedos. Cosmic smoking-ban disco cut up gracing dancefloors from Burnley to Burning Man.



Un-authorised/un-released (some might say un-necessary) re-work of Prince’s Head which was jammed out with JBY one funky afternoon.



I still enjoy a good mix and occasionally I’m even allowed out to DJ 🙂

Cast your ears over the playlist of DJ sets below or for an archive of mixes old and new shimmy over to the all singing all dancing Mixes page.




For an insight into the fun and chaos of my party promoting days have a click around the Cut the Rug website/time capsule of the events me and Ola did between 2008 and 2018. They took place in an assortment of lofts, basements and “haunted squats” around the east end of London including the infamous Lift (versions 1 & 2) and Designers Block.

As resident DJs we played alongside a gaggle of stellar guests/disco reprobates over the years such as Paramida, Bill Brewster, Marcus Marr, Gop Tun, Ray Mang and Pete Herbert.

Footage from inside the original Lift venue in Hackney just before the last party there.



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